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My Evaluation Process is Simple.

The evaluation of your claim is entirely free and confidential. The evaluation process is designed to determine the merits of your potential claim. It can be as brief as a phone call or as involved as an in-depth review of your brokerage accounts and other investments. Since the firm works on a contingency fee basis, I only pursue claims when I believe there is a reasonably high probability of success.

What You’ll Need to Know Before We Talk

Unbeknownst to many investors, when they open an account with a brokerage firm, they are agreeing to participate in a mandatory arbitration process run by the Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA). The securities arbitration process is usually less expensive and less time-consuming than court litigation. The parties select a panel of neutral arbitrators to hear their testimony, evaluate the documentary evidence and render a decision on the case. The decision of an arbitration panel is final and binding.

The cost of an arbitration case varies based on the amount of the claim, the number of hearing sessions and the number of discovery motions. While the evaluation of your claim is completely free, if I agree to represent you, my legal fee will be based on a contingency arrangement (based on a percentage of the final award or settlement of your case). Clients may be responsible for filing fees which vary based upon the complexity of the claim. All legal fees and costs will be clearly explained in advance.

Please visit the Broker Misconduct page for examples of the top financial products and practices that threaten to trap unwary investors.

Information You’ll Need for Your Consultation

I want to hear your story in detail. So, please be ready to tell me what happened to you. I will also need information about any other investments you may have. If we’re meeting in person, please bring all of your available brokerage statements and all documents you signed when you opened the account.

Investor Advocacy and Representation

The Law Office of Scott A. Lane represents victims of securities fraud or broker misconduct through Securities Arbitration, Litigation and Mediation.

Warnings Signs of Broker Misconduct

There are certain activities in an account that are not advisable for most investors and should be considered warning signs requiring closer attention.

Meet Scott Lane

Scott brings decades of experience working on both sides of conflicts to help protect the rights of his clients, resolve their cases and recoup their losses.

Let’s Arrange a Free, No-obligation Evaluation of Your Case.

Litigating a securities claim can be complex. I’ll arrange a meeting with you to discuss your concerns, answer your questions, explain your rights and help determine if you have a case.

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